Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Pen Ma: Thoughtful, Heartwarming

Source: Clear Newspaper 《晴报》
Date: 11/3/2011
Column: One Pen Ma

Currently in Hengdian shooting the series, LOTYEF. Last time in Hengdian was shooting Uncle Choi’s Land of Wealth. After some many years, have no ideas what changes are there. But what remains the same is that both visits are in winter.

Heard that this year winter is extra cold so before setting out I went to winter clothes specialty store to buy various winter clothing. Down jacket, undergarments, gloves, socks, hats etc. Most of them are cold resistant products of the latest technology. When trying out the clothes, the technology came true as I sweated in though inside an air-conditioned room. What should be noted was the store clerk’s knowledge on the products, clear explanations, professionalism and courtesy; truly commendable!

Though advance technology can be trusted but I still prefer the products from ‘old trusted brands with a long-established reputation’, so thought bought a bundle of new products, in the end still ran over to the ‘old store’ specialized in undergarments and bought a few pieces of the most traditional thermal undergarment, plus a pure wool jacket, warm and soft; really comfortable! When making payment, the store even included two free big throws, truly very thoughtful. Again, very commendable!

TN: Steven is such a courteous customer. I'm sure the store clerks must have enjoyed assisting him with his purchases.

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    听说今年冬季特别冷,故临行前特意到服装专门店购买各种各样的御寒衣物。羽绒外套、内衣、手套袜子、帽子等等,林林总总,全都是最新科技的耐寒产品。试穿 时,虽已在冷气充足的房间内,但那科技真的很靠谱,仍使得我汗流浃背。值得一提的是,店员对产品的功效了如指掌,解释清晰、态度专业且有礼,绝对要赞!



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