Sunday, November 6, 2011

weibo 11/6

11/6 22:58  6th day in Hengdian, have adjusted to everything, very happy! As actor, to be able to collaborate with different troupes and interact with different thespians; with an attitude to learn, using a different method and a different dialect to express feelings, to manifest the deep within. This to me is definitely a very good challenge and impetus. I believe after this, I would have seen a lot, learned a lot, absorbed a lot, and also nutrients have increased.  Thereafter, I know I will love acting even more....wait for me!

在橫店第六天,一切都適應下來,很開心呢!身為演員,能和不同劇組合作,和不同演員交流;抱著學習的心態,用不同方式、不同語言去表達情感、去呈現內心。 這,對自己,絕對是一個很好的挑戰和衝擊。我相信,這一次,我會看多了、學多了、吸收多了,而養份多了。往後,我知道我會更愛演戲......等我!

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