Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AWT - Ah Gung and Sammi

Ah Gong and Sammi's becoming a couple and dating scenes are just too precious and so sweet.
The scene where Ah Gong trying to drum up courage to hold Sammi's hand and end up handing a burly man's instead was so hilarious. haha! Admittedly, it is quite lou tou but Steven's performance made the whole scene so very funny. I especially like the shot when Ah Gong and Sammi locked eyes across the street, and Ah Gong, realizing his gaffe, collapses into irrepressible giggles while Sammi looks on with a big smile from ear to ear. I couldn't help but laugh with him as his giggles were so infectious and so naturally performed. I must say both Steven and Linda did extremely well in this scene, imbuing it with such natural sweetness. Bravo to them!

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