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A Watchdog's Tale -- Ah Kung

 My main man, Ah Gong, (Lulu sir quips that he is impressed that people already had to address him as Ah Gong (grandfather) as soon as he was born!) is full of energy and vitality. Phew! thank goodness, Ah Gong turns out better looking than expected, although that's not saying much since my expectation was really, really low to begin with. For one thing his hair does not look as curly. Lol!

Jotting down some of Ah Gong’s characteristics as seen in this ep:
Leadership – authoritatively yelling out to villagers on how to handle the theft.
Quick mind – immediately dismisses the ghost superstition; a thief, he insists, took the gifts not some errant ghost.
Uninhibited manners– rough grapping of Yung Fatt’s clothes, pounding of tabletop and shouting out his innocence
loud voice, boisterous
Very blunt; obvious showing of likes and dislikes on face and through actions;
full of energy & fire, vitality and life
Not siu hei – not petty; don’t hold grudges,
Taken to making quick impression and judgment – took an instant dislike to Lulu sir
Dislike been told what to do - Impertinent, defiant to Lulu sir
Pinups of sexy women in his room
White shirt, black trousers…flip flops.. gold necklace..& curly locks.
I’m liking this Ah Gong already, although he is a bit too loud for my taste. Haha!
As for his Hakka – failed!
Ah Gong's self analysis - that he would never be a thief because he has backbone and self-pride

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cheeky, impudent and defiant Ah Gong

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Run, Ah Gong, run! Gotta be tough running flip-flopping on his feet. lol! And it's first time for Steven wearing flip-flops too. (or so he claims)

more gifs by 美夕080105 @ steven ma baidu

Defiantly dropping the chicken bone on the ground to his dog.
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Salty (just a regular hot-blooded man?)
- display of sexy pin-ups in his room
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crude mannerism - arms akimbo
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sense of righteousness and self-pride
Gong: I may have nothing but I do have a sense of righteousness & self-pride
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screencaps from steven Ma baidu 
Translation on Chow Yung Gong's character

Character profile
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Occupation: Proprietor of Gong Ping Water and Electrical Project Company in Cheung Sing Village located in Yun Long Township. (Yun Long township in NW New Territories, Hong Kong )

Cheerful and optimistic, valiant and forthright, casual and informal, witty and humorous, and always shows a smiling to people. Loyal to family and friends, warm personality and hospitable, filial to mother, and sees mother as the most important person in his life. He has an uninhibited nature, and gives people an impression of being unmotivated and shiftless. But in actuality he is extremely self-motivated; once a goal is set he will pursue it with courage, resolute and perseverance. Hobbies: play soccer, listen to oldies Cantonese songs.

Yung Gong, generally called “Ah Gong”, is a naïve of Yun Long Cheung Xing village and lives a carefree life. He is slovenly in appearance, regardless of any kind of dress code, his feet are always shod in a pair of flip-flops; content with his own lot.

Yung Gong has lived from young with his mother, Leong Ah Ping. Although his formal education is of high school level only, he, however, not only operates a water & electricity contractor company but also owns a 2-storey house rental, thus enabling his comfortable lifestyle. Yung Gong and his mother are close to each other despite their outward quarrelsome appearance, for in their bickering lies the fun.

The Happening
Yung Gong owns a large piece of empty land, which through his cousin, Tin Yau acting as the intermediary, he has rented to a retired police dog training instructor, Lai Chun Sing for operating a kennel business. 「狗必理犬舍」. Yung Gong is contracted by Chun Sing to take care of the water and electricity stuff, however, Chun Sing demands an extremely high standard in the materials used. Yung Gong does not get the importance of the material used for a kennel and feels that Chun Sing is just being overly nitpicky. The initial goodwill between them gradually erodes, and their mutual dissatisfaction intensifies; outwardly smiling, inwardly sabotaging;, and exchanging blows on the sly.

Yung Gong is impressed by Chun Sing’s superb skillful training of the dogs, but stubbornly refuses to voice his admiration. Although Yung Gong himself also owns a mongrel dog, Ah Wong, but to rural villagers like himself, a dog is just a dog, so he is not completely convinced by Chun Sing’s dog training.

On an aside, Yung Gong and Chun Sing’s daughter, Lai Sing Yu who is a veterinarian, started off like two people from different planets but after numerous contacts, Yung Gong slowly begins to see Sing Yu’s decency and righteousness. Attracted, he decides to pursue Sing Yu. Despite repeated rebuffs he persists. To win her heart, Yung Gong decides to change himself. He finally learns to care for his doggie buddy, Ah Wong, and in time develops a genuine human-canine relationship. One day, Sing Yu’s animal clinic caught on fire, and Yung Gong, jeopardizing his life, rushed into the building and rescued all the animals. Sing Yu was very touched and decided to accept his pursuit of her.

Meanwhile, Yung Gong is wrongly accused by a rich woman, Jeung Tin Ngo, as her kidnapper. Fortunately, because of Chun Sing’s investigative prowess and the help of a retired police dog, Bingo, he is later cleared of the accusation. Henceforth, Yung Gong totally admires Chun Sing and begins to see dog training with a different eye. Yung Gong and Chun Sing have turned from foes to friends. But when Chun Sing finds out that Yung Gong is pursuing Sing Yu, he opposes vigorously. But Yung Gong, heedless of oppositions and overcoming many obstacles, continues to work hard to pursue his happiness. Both are unyielding in their stance; to which the audience does not know whether to laugh or to cry

Later, the villagers discover the real perpetrator of the kidnapping. Also, because of a drug case, the crime mob came to the village seeking revenge, causing much chaos to the village. To protect his home and his loved ones, Yung Gong team up with Chun Sing and Tin Yao, and together with Ah Wong and Bing, fight side by side.

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