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AWT - hospital scene

For those who prefer melodrama and pathos then this series is not for them. Rather, Watchdog is more for viewers savoring the moment of the scenes, chuckling or laughing over funny lines and their deliverance, and enjoying the characters' facial and bodily expressions. Undoubtedly, this series is more characters and scenes driven rather than by cliffhanging plot. But I find it very relaxing and entertaining to watch the characters' antics and quirkiness, each one of them is so well delineated with their own idiosyncrasies.

For me of course, my focus is on Ah Gong's storyline. Now that he is love smitten, he is definitely getting goofier.

When I saw Ah Gong's bruised lips I didn't think much of it, so he hurt his mouth while rolling down the hill slope. - a little chuckle

Then he goes to the hospital to visit Sammi. He blocks Sammi, whose face is concealed under her cap, from sneaking out of the hospital.

Annoyed at being exposed, Sammi lifts her head to send off killer glares at Ah Gong.

That's when I burst out laughing at the unexpected sight of Sammi's bruised lips identical to Ah Gong's.
Didn't see that coming at all. Their 2nd kiss is just as memorable as their first. haha!
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Et tu, Sammi? You, too, Sammi?

Epiphany - Cupid playing with human's love emotion - and Ah Gong is one of his victims. Reminds me of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream.

1st..Poor Ah Gong can't even get a good night sleep without long hair goddess Sammi constantly intruding in his dreams with her offer of love. How did that goddess image come about? :loool: Constant attrition will erode even a boulder much less the resistance of a man who cannot even escape into sleep.

2nd.. Ah Gong is suddenly awestruck by his vision of Sammi turning into Sammi, the haloed saint. I tell you, what a poor mortal male, a simple man at that, to do against Cupid's trickery. How can a mortal male resist a goddess and a saint rolled into one perfect woman?

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So stricken is he by Cupid's love arrow that he even fights with a dog over the toy touched by his beloved
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Nevertheless, a man's baser nature will never give up trying to re-exert itself.
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Ah Gong and Ah Fatt ogling a fair morsel.

Betwiched Ah Gong, mushy Ah Gong, starry-eyed Ah Gong. HC Ah Gong (hua chi, love smitten)
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Bye! Bye....bye!

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bashful of his mushiness

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Affectionately calling Sammi as So chu! Stupid pig!

Pick any one of the caps above, paste stars or love over his eyes, and we'll have a (fa ji, lovestruck) poster boy. :iloveyou:

compare his above stupid pig remark to the one said to Bear Paw
Bear Paw, you're the stupid pig among all pigs.

Indeed, Ah Gong in love is something to behold.
So everybody knows about it?
Yeah, except Lulu sir and her.

Truly Cupid's love arrows are potent indeed, day and night; in dreams or in fantasies, there's no escaping them. Poor bewitched Ah Gong! :loool:

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screencaps by 霖霖点点 @ steven-ma baidu

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