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2009 RTHK Radio 5 - My Brilliant Life Program

RTHK-radio 5-Program My Brilliant Life (光輝歲月)  is an hour long in-depth interview with celebrities with Hostess 夏妙然 (Ha Miu Yin) 2009/04/29 .

Part 3 of interview- Li Hong Lan (by Jacky Cheung (?))
Miu asks what names does he go by. Most people call him Ma Zai, while some employees at work in TVB like to call Siu Ma gor or Xiao Ma ge especially the newly hired staff. Some call him Steven or Chun Wai.Steven himself also like to address his friends their Chinese names.

At the time of the interview Steven has been 15 (sic going to 16) years now in the entertainment industry, Miu asks him what was his most unforgettable moment? Steven says of course there are numerous unforgettable moments in life. His first unforgettable moment was of course when he entered a 1993 singing contest and at the very  last minute of the competition when the judging panel announced him as the champion. That very moment was when he felt for the first his most glorious moment in his life.  The feeling was very overwhelming especially after so many failures, and to hear the loud applause of recognition from the audience was very emotional and ineffable to describe. Miu says she understands because she too was a champion of a singing competition.

Because of few tickets, only family members and close friends were there to support him. (From a news report, Steven's first girlfriend was there to support him too. Hostess says sometimes contestants did not even know why they joined singing contests but Steven says he knew exactly why he entered the singing competitions because he was the one who registered for each one, since graduating high school. In all he had joined in 44 competitions until he won the championship finally in 1993. The song was Li Hong Lan. He says he competed with almost the same group of contestants who did the rounds of competitions they won like he. read  2002 memoir 

Hostess exclaims that's a very difficult song to sing, and Steven says that's exactly why he chose it to pick up extra points. Hostess one beneficial outcome of joining singing competition is to build up one's courage to stand before an audience. Steven agrees that if you could stand on the stage to face an audience, that building of courage would help you enormously to overcome shyness. I think the song, Li Hong Lan, is sang by Jacky Cheung, not Steven. Guess the hostess did not have Steven's video at the competition.

Part 2 of interview Song -- You are my day and night
The transformation from singer to actor -- how difficulty was the adaption? There were also many unforgettable moments in that stage, right? Steven agrees and elaborates on it.

Part 3 of interview
Love relationship - hostess mentions if Steven wishes to have someone to share his glorious moments.  (Steven says not glorious more like gratitude moments) Steven talks about how difficult it is to be his girlfriend because of his job and long absence while shooting a series. So his girlfriend has to be extra patient and understanding.

Part 4 of interview - end
What is Steven's future plan? Song -- Miss You Finally

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