Thursday, February 2, 2012

one pen ma: a minor ailment

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A Minor Ailment 
When young, my throat was often uncomfortable, parents too me to see doctor confirming nose congestion because of nose allergy. So when sleeping would unconsciously breathe through the mouth, and over time causing chronic tonsillitis.

From young, my nose has been very overly sensitive to temperature and sunlight. From inside the building to outside, or vice versa, my nose will have adverse reaction. If the temperature change is substantial, my nose will become congested and running, and I will sneeze constantly etc. If more serious, my nostrils feel as if been poked with pins, both painful and itchy. As for sunlight, when walking outside from building, as soon as I lifted my head toward the sun, I will sneeze, never missed.

This ailment though seemingly innocuous can be extremely embarrassing in certain situation. There was once when attending a friend’s outdoor wedding ceremony, under the bright sunlight just when the new couple was reciting their marriage vows, I began to sneeze nonstop. So I could only cover my nose and move to a faraway spot and waited until the symptom dissipated before returning.

This minor ailment; western and eastern treatments, ingest or spray, I have tried them all but still cannot cure it. If anybody can share some effective medical treatment recipe, please leave a message on my weibo, I will be forever grateful.

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