Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2 22:32  Moved by friends who have me in their hearts at all time. I will remember you all. Thank you and grateful.  感激時刻都把我記掛在心上的朋友 你們啊 一切一切 我都會銘記於心 感謝 感恩

Missing for a few days from weibo, little piggies (Steven fans) called out to Steven, staying up late to wait for update. (Fans' staying up for update is pretty incomprehensible to me. Seems more like pressuring Steven to upadate, imo.) They were leaving leaving concerned messages and treatments for Steven's nose allergy that he wrote on his One Pen Ma column. Guess Steven was moved by his fans' concern hence this weibo entry.

On seconds thought it maybe his showbiz friends who calling him up to ask him about his current situation and telling him they missed. 

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