Saturday, February 11, 2012

sentinel fanmade video

source: Uploaded by
Steven  himself has also uploaded the video onto his weibo

MV created by @浚家清清
song title: 缘份 - (Fate) by 陈松伶

Especially love the scene of disillusioned Dor Bo walking out of the room as he wearily takes off his coat segueing into the scene of another exhausted Dor Bo this this time with a mad glint in his eyes as he sardonically smirks at his captive, though so exhausted he can hardly raise his head. The weariness, the exhaustion starting @1.11 are just brilliantly acted! One walking off exhausted couldn't care less anymore, nothing matters anymore, nothing. This Dor Bo is a shell of what he was before when life was full of promises, now he is empty out of emotions as he walks away, world weary. While in the next scene in the mv, the Dor Bo though has the sh*t beaten out of him is still very much of the world is still full of life and filled with rage and stubborn defiance. Both are in pain and exhausted but of different kind.

And of course Dor Bo's cries of despair at his parents' double suicides.


  1. I am truly love this series!!! ... Really love it!!! ^^~ I kinda miss him. Can not wait for the series "Daddy good deed"...

  2. I love the series too. The mv is so well made too. Steven actually reported the video onto his, but I must have forgotten about it until I saw it on youtube.

  3. The MV was so excellent! what is the name of this song Tamaya???? Please tell me. Wanna download a mp3 ver. of it! Love it too.

  4. @LilyPak: song title is 缘份(Fate) by 陈松伶(Nnadia Chan).