Thursday, February 9, 2012

Steven Ma leaving TVB becomes a hot commodity

oriental daily
2012 Feb 9

Hong Kong TVB siu sang, Steven Ma, yesterday confirmed the early termination of his TVB contract, thereby severing his 18 years employer-employee relationship with TVB.  On one hand, it is rumored that TVB played its 'trump card' by having Steven's mentor, executive Catherine Tsang, personally presented him with a "special contract" as incentive to have him signed up with TVB.  On the other hand, Ricky Wong (City Telecom) entices him with a sky-high price to join his 50-episode series, and golden producer, Miu Siu Ching who has switched over to NOW, as well as numerous Mainland companies, have also allegedly beckoned Steven to join them, respectively.  However, Steven is still unsure of his decision as yet.

Steven and TVB's back and forth contract negotiation seesaw has finally ended.  Yesterday while at work in Hengdian, Steven, in this exclusive interview, confirmed he will regain his independence from TVB starting next month (March).  He expressed his gratitude towards his 'maternal home' for taking care of him all those years.  He said: " Last month the company and I agreed to have my contract terminated at the end of this month. The whole issue concluded quite smoothly. I'm  very grateful. Now there is one less problem for me to worry about. I can now move on to contemplate my future."

As to all these alleged enticements to attract this red-hot guy, Steven says forthrightly:"Previously, I did talk to Ricky Wong. Also Zan jie (Catherine Tsang) is my mentor.  I always retained her words to me in my heart. As for the other companies, they did approach me also. But I'm still vacillating, at this moment in time I'm still undecided." 

Steven admits that besides shooting series, there is also the management contract to consider. He says: "The script is the most important. Money is secondary. As to the management contract, I have to carefully think about it. In any case, I'm grateful to all those who have approached me. I thank them  for their appreciation of me."


  1. i started liking him after his acting at-Ghost Writer...he's leaving?? T_T

  2. nature likes: Yes, Steven's leaving tvb end of this month. You can watch his earlier series if not already. They are all very good.