Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Steven Ma to terminate TVB contract

Steven 馬浚偉Thank you for your concern.  No need to speculate. Will inform all friends when the time comes. Thank you [爱你][哈哈]

hk channel weibo Steven personally confirmed early termination of TVB contract, and will summarily regain his freedom in March. As to rumors about executive benefactress, Catherine Tsang, saying he has signed a special contract with TVB, or about Ricky Wong's inducement, as well as bids from Miu Siu Ching who has now switched over to NOW, and from Mainland companies, Steven says that he is still undecided. "What's is most important is the scripts. Money is secondary.  A management contract has to be carefully considered. In any case, I'm very grateful to all the companies who sought me. Thank you for your appreciation.

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