Sunday, February 5, 2012

Uncle Choi missing Steven

Aww! Uncle Choi is so close to Steven. Made me so touched to read this weibo post of his.

uncle @馬浚偉: Enthusiastically celebrating the upcoming Daddy's Good Deed! To high ratings!

Steven: Thank you, I miss you, godfather!

uncle choi@ 馬浚偉: Seeing the recent work, and realizing no Old Ma's share, so not used to it. It's like the son's not home from outside so can't sleep,understand?看看近作 發現沒有老馬的份 這麼不習慣 有如兒子出夜街未歸 睡不著 明嗎?

5/21/2011 10:35 @材叔 Since wrapping up Thunder I haven't seen Steven. Feeling a bit dejected so can only watch him on Book of Words and Apprentice Chef. He was great. His kind of scholarly look is so hard to find nowadays in 2011. Refinement is inborn. Especially in ancient drama series, muscular men or overseas Chinese men are limited to only performing comedy.

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