Thursday, February 16, 2012

weibo 2/15 - muffler present

2月15日 19:44  
Yun Lin Go Liang@何彦霓 indeed possess the virtue of being outwardly refined and inwardly intelligent. Her pair of nimble fingers can easily knit up good looking and warm muffler. This present has had many males in the troupe both envious and jealous espicially Guan ge  @攝影大管  Haha! Thank you,  Yan Ni

雲林姑娘@何彦霓 果然秀外慧中 賢良淑德 一雙巧手 隨意便能編織出如此既好看又溫暖的圍巾 這禮物 引起多少劇組男士又羨慕又妒忌 特別是管哥@攝影大管 哈哈 謝謝彥霓
何彦霓 is Steven's character's love interest,Yun Lin (gu liang = maiden),in the series .
Steven always has nice things to say about his female-co-stars.

 2/16 11:18 Steven reposting the photo from 哈斯高娃的微博 unto his own. 

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