Sunday, February 19, 2012

weibo 2/19/2012

2/19 22:06 My scenes in LOYEF are almost done. March is another new start. During the past 4 months I have absolved much new knowledge nutrients, have made many new friends, especially those from LOYEF. I'm starting to miss you all already. But fate is not limited to just this (tn: 4 mths), not limited to so long feelings still exists there will be other meetings, or be limited to just the present. Also, meeting again is not limited to just the present but also in the past, in the past 18 years and in the 18 years yet to come.  If all of these: fate, feelings, and people still remain then it will be perfect for sure.  Wishing those of you around me peace, good health and happiness.

在建元風雲的戲份快殺青了 三月 又是一個新開始 過去的四個月 得了很多新養份 交了很多新朋友 特別是建元風雲的你們 我開始不捨了 但緣份不止於此 不止於情仍在 再會定有期 重遇 也不限於現在 還有過去 過去十八年的 未來十八年的 一切 緣在情在人在 肯定 會是美好的 願 我身邊的你們 都平安健康快樂

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