Sunday, February 19, 2012

weibo badminton with Maggie Cheung

2/18 18:00 Last night Maggie Cheung posted this terse message on her weibo: "Playing badminton", which unexpectedly created much excitement 2244 shipper. (22 (2nd Miss) - Maggie Cheung's nickname among fans, 44 (4th brother) - Steven's nickname among fans)  Many guessed that she must be playing with Steven. So a guessing game began on her weibo as both her fans and Steven fans chatted up a storm there. The items on her photos were clues to whether her partner was Steven or not. I remember seeing a picture of that cap posted on Steven weibo.And sure enough there it was on Dingdong's head. lol! And another Steven fan pointed out that red badminton looks like the one Steven carried with him when they visited him in Hengdian. Another sharp eyed Steven fan pointed that coke bottle, Steven's favorite drink. lol.

And tada, sure enough it was indeed Steven that Maggie played badminton with yesterday. And that back shot was of Steven. Some weiboan actually thought that person might be Steven and that Maggie took the picture.

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