Sunday, February 26, 2012

weibo 2/26 - life

Two people: whether unrequited love, in love or triangle love, if it is not yours then learn to let go. To harm the person who doesn't love you or you should not love, regardless light or serious harm, it's outright wrong. We all have the right to control our own lives and futures but we have no right to destroy another person's whole life: harming others, harming ourselves and also harming our kins; regrets cannot amend the harm you have done to others, including to your kins who now bear the responsibility for you and apologized on your behalf to the public. Money and wealth can buy material stuff but cannot buy health and peace. I wish people will think thrice before acting. Don't in a moment of impulse destroy yourself and other people. 

Steven's entry is provoked by this one year old incident that is now viral on weibo weibo whereby because of his unrequited love a boy set fire on a 16 year old girl for rejecting him. And because the boy's family is rich the victim's family cannot get justice so they exposed their daughter's situation on weibo.
----original in Chinese
 兩個人 單戀相戀三角戀 不是你的就要懂放 傷害不愛你或愛不到的 不管輕重都是錯 每個人都有權掌握自己的生命和未來 但冇權毀掉別人的一生 傷人傷己傷至親 後悔彌補不了你傷害過的 包括為你承擔為你向大眾道歉的至親 錢財能買物質 郤買不到健康和平安 只願人能凡事三思 別因一時衝動 毀掉自己 毀掉別人

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