Monday, February 27, 2012

weibo 2/27/2012 eve of LOYEF production

馬浚偉 2/27 13:40 : Tomorrow is the last day of of LOYEF. Reluctant to part but more than that, truly cherish the 4 of our newly established relationship. @香港徐小明 @哈斯高娃的微博 @演员王会来 @何彦霓 @高发的微博 @攝影大管 @吳天瑜 @吴樾 @演员谢苗 @徐冬梅咖啡妞 @黃建群-Lindsey@江道海Kth @张竞达 @安娜amyxiaobao @秦鹏飞NO1 @bobo吳寶玲 @胡军 @佘詩曼Charmaine @楊啟榮Tango

 @攝影大管新浪个人认证 :Steven truly treated the whole troupe to dinner. [鼓掌]Thank you, Ma ge[亲亲]

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