Wednesday, February 29, 2012

weibo 2/29/2012 fan leap year birthday

Haha! Happy birthday! Yesterday around 20 over little piggies came to visit me. Very sorry that I couldn't like last time sit down  at a table to eat and drink with you all. Because yesterday there was a wrap up production gathering so the time was tight. I could only meet up with you all at the ground floor of the restaurant. Hopefully you all didn't get chilled from the cold...[泪] lovable little piggies, till we meet again.[心]//@浚家昔昔: 4th Brother holding me nei. So happy, so happy!  Will treat this as my birthday present to myself.

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哈哈哈哈,生日快樂!昨天有二十多個小豬們來探我,真抱歉未能與你們像上一次一樣大伙坐下來吃著喝著,因昨天殺青兼有劇組聚會,時間很趕,只能在餐館樓下與你們見面,希望沒把你們冷壞...[泪]可愛的小豬們,下次再見![心]@浚家昔昔: 四哥抱着我呐,乐翻了乐翻了,乐一乐,就当是给自己的生日礼物啦[嘻嘻][哈哈][哈哈][鼓掌]@馬浚偉

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