Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOYEF Exploits the untouched Kublai Khan subject matter.

Legend of Yuan Empire Founder exploits the untouched Kublai Khan subject matter. 
Battle scenes are epic. 

The high profile, historical epic series, "Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder" with its stellar cast lineup including Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh, Cai Wen Yan, Wu Yue, Tang Guo Qiang, Kao Fa, Steven Ma, and Ray Lui and its over hundred million yuan grand production is presently winding down to its final countdown phase in Hengdian. Yesterday, a production staff commented that this series has spared no expenses and that its battle scenes are epic, truly breathtaking to look at.

Reportedly, this grand production series is the first ever to present such an indepth and comprehensive drama on the Yuan Dynasty. Spanning 70 years, this series adopts an epic saga style to present a panoramic viewing of the whole process of the founding of Yuan Dynasty, as well as showcasing Kublai Khan's magnificent life. Sheng Luo Song , head of Beijing Morning Star company (北京阳光盛通) weibo link that has in the past invested successfully in such grand productions as: The new Water margins《新水浒》, Da Guo Yi《大国医》, Shangrila《香格里拉》, Da Ci Shang《大瓷商》, reveals that Kublai Khan theme is a rare piece of hitherto untapped subject matter in the entertainment circle. Actually,a few years back, its producers had already started preparing for this series, and had especially invited the president of the Academy of History in Nankai University cum the president of China Yuan Dynasty Society, Professor Li Zhi An, to be its Yuan history consultant.

The people interviewed commented that the five eye-catching aspects of the series to the public would be its unique subject matter, its huge investment, its stellar production team, its stellar cast, and it new marketing approach. This estimated 150 million yuan historical epic drama under the leadership of Tsui Siu Ming has already shot on location in Mongolia and Hengdian as well as other parts of the country. Just within Hengdian, the on location filming has taken 5 months or more. A staff member said that the series’ battle scenes are simply magnificent, and breathtaking. Especially worth mentioning is the large number of ‘horse scenes’. Hu Jun, Wu Yue, and Ray Lui etc all have scenes to showcase their horseback riding prowess. Even Charmaine Sheh has had quite a bit of horseback riding scenes too.

Also, as one of this year’s handful “100 million yuan drama club” series, and this year most highly anticipated period drama, along with its stellar production team, its stellar cast, and its stellar operation and management team, Legend of Yuan Empire Founder even before its broadcast is already unanimously favored by many tv stations and distributors.

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