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2nd DGD promotion

 Source: weiwenpo 3/23/2012
 Mona Fong resigned, Steven Ma no chance to return to TVB?
方逸華辭任 沒機會回無铫? 馬浚偉:日前公司才找過我

Yesterday, the cast of TVB new series, Daddy Good Deeds, including Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Ha Yu, Evergreen Mak and Producer Miu Siu Ching et al went to an elementary school to promote the familial love and warmth, at the same time, engaging the students in games.  Since yesterday would be Miu Siu Ching's last participation with TVB promotional activities, the scene of Steven and those present presenting her with a farewell bouquet and a group gift was very touching.  Eyes shielded by shades, Steven explained that his eye infection had not cleared up but luckily it was not until next month that he had to report to his new job, hopefully it would clear up by then. 

When Mona Fong's resignation as Vice-Chairperson to take up the post of a passive Executive Director was brought up, Steven said that he has also paid attention to this news.  Recall the period when Steven wanted to leave TVB, Ms. Mona especially indicated by name to have TVB retained him. Now that Ms. Fong has resigned, does that mean Steven will not have a chance anymore to return to TVB? Steven said: "Actually, just a few days ago the company contacted me.  What Ms. Fong allegedly said was only a rumor. I didn't hear her said to retain me. Anyway, I've left already. But my impression of Ms. Fong is that she is a good person. Right now, there are many other tv stations contacting me, in Hong Kong if the conditions are reasonable my first choice will still be TVB.)

Steven, who has collaborated with Shirley Yeung, when asked if he knew that she has returned to Hong Kong and getting ready to return to work, said that he has not much contact with Shirley.   When asked if Shirley is brave to become a single mom? Steven said: "A woman giving birth to a baby alone, moreover, raising a baby on her own requires a lot of courage. Regardless of her relationship decision, a man in the relationship should not harm a woman in such a way. I send her my best wishes and hope she takes good care of her health and continues to work."

Linda Chung, who is good friend with Shirley, said that she will find time to visit her and hope that the media will give space.

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