Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weibo: 3/24 Walking the streets of Taipei, once again

3/24 22:55  Today in Taipei, step by step I walked and walked, looking  for that feeling I once had many years ago.  The  180 days or more of that period, the people of that period, the happenings of that period, you all are now scattered. The places I once went I revisited them all today, because of this sentiment. Maybe I'm not as passionate in love as I thought, but my sentimentality  over friendship was greater than I thought, friends ya, companions ya, all, self-evident with spoken.

今天 在台北 一步一步 走著走著 在找 一份多年前的感覺 曾經 曾經的一百八十多天 曾經的那些人 曾經的那些事 你們 今天都各散東西 我 曾經到過的 今天都去了 為的 是一份懷念 也許 我沒想像中多情 但 我比想像中重情 友啊 伴啊 一切 不言而諭

TN: I hope this entry does not mean Steven was not able to reconcile with Vivian. 

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