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DGD premiered with high ratings. Dialogues become catchy quotes

Though HK media totally ignored the successful premiering of DGD, nandu daily gave it ample publicity. ( I think the reporter must be a SM fan because it has quite a few positive reports on Steven.)

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Daddy Good Deeds premiered with high ratings, dialogues catchy catchphrases.
Though DGD is aired in a cannon fodder timeslot, its ratings started off strong, its popularity booming. (). 《当旺爸爸》首播收视高开 台词成流行金句 3/27/2012

Late Spring in March gradually warming up chasing away the cold, but the timeslots on Hong Kong televisions have yet to warm up, what's more, the time period also collides with school examinations, Ching Ming festival as well as Easter Holidays, together all these big and small public holidays marked this period as a "cannon fodder timeslots" to avoid by tv people at all cost.  Daddy Good Deeds, Miu Siu Ching and Steven Ma's last tvb series before leaving TVB nest, is allegedly being viewed as an 'orphan' off season clearance product. But things often have a way of turning out differently; instead this neglected abandoned orphan exerted a strong survival tenacity to prove itself in this what is commonly viewed as cannon fodder timeslot. 

This reporter called up Miu Siu Ching to hear her thoughts on this. Although TVB family lighthearted series, Daddy Good Deeds, is not an innovative drama, its cast's performances were lively and the dialogues funny, the drama is imbued with familial warm garnering positive feedback.  Its premier episode opened high with an average rating of 31 points and peaked at 33 points, making its premier rating the highest of the year for tvb series.

Steven Ma as Fatt Dar gor farewell series popular. 
The latter half of last year, during the shooting of Daddy Good Deeds, TVB was awash in an artists poaching wave, and Steven Ma disgruntled with unfair treatment from TVB artists management requested an early termination of his TVB contract. Producer Miu Siu Ching also of the same series finally confirmed of her parting of ways with TVB to join NowTV after finishing this series. The departure of these two generals  reducing the series' manpower greatly diminished its promotional momentum vis-a-vis its other series inadvertently making DGD an "orphan".   

But "DGD" was not abandoned by the public tv viewers, instead its rating flourished (旺) during its opening night with positive feedback all across weibo  culminating with an average rating of 30 points for it first week with a peak of32 points, Indeed, its opening results were extremely gratifying.  This was all because this series with its plot focusing on family's joy, anger, sadness and bitterness resonated with its audiences.  Also the cast's performances were all very lively and believable eliciting spontaneous laughter. 

Steven was once aggrieved by a TVB executive's exertion that his, "image can't enter homes"  but in this series, his Fatt Dat gor surely does not have any sign of "not entering homes" at all, on the contrary, he is totally delightful in his role - opportunistic,money hungry, has an unforgiving mouth and an smart-alec; but not a bad person, and a filial son to his dad.  Moreover, he has good interpersonal skill, and has strong survival instinct, and most things are adeptly resolved by him.  His slogan: "Fatt Dat gor, mou latt tor; Fatt Dat zai, yao gai zai" (Fatt Dat gor keeps his word; Fatt Dat zai has ideas and schemes.) makes audience smile despite themselves.

Linda Chung, often a crybaby in tvb series, also had a first try, wiping off her face of pitiful look, she brought to life a righteous, 傻大姐 cop, Yee Shuk Mui and displayed big happy smiles on screen.  She and Steven started off a bickering couple because Linda thought him frivolous and a big liar, and through their antics brought much familiarity warmth on screen.

The rhymes in the dialogs
 Besides the funny antics and performances of the cast, the lively dialogs in the series should also be credited. From HOG, Moonlight Resonance to Can't Buy Me Love etc, the series of Miu Siu Ching and Lau Ka Ho, this pair of golden husband and wife producers, always brought forth golden catchphrases to the audience.  Their fortes are in family morality dramas especially between parents and children, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the insertion of rotten gag inside some genteel ancient dialogs.  Even in the common everyday dialogs, the scriptwriters would make them rhyming, pleasant to the ears.

Actually, the liveliness of dialogs is MSC's staff's strength.
Some of the more notable dialog (in Chinese) below: 


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