Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IOU Payment

Clear Newspaper
One Pen Ma Column
March 22 2012

Steven Ma



After came back to Kong from Beijing, I started the once a year several days of promotional events for Daddy Good Deeds.  But my stupid nose due to temperature change is acting up again.  Consequently, for one of promotional activities, I could only do it from home.

Earlier on had agreed to do Ka Yan jie's (Nancy Sit) but now changed to a tele-interview. I really want to thank Ka Yan jie, who rushed back from outstation to especially do this interview.  Kai Yan jie, thank you for your consideration and concern, I love you!

As for my originally plan to go to TVB for the tencent weibo online chat, because of advance technology I was able to do it from home to simultaneously get online with weiboans and Siu Ching jie.   That was a happy afternoon spent chatting with weiboans on the series and other stuff, truly very happy!

The only exception was that I had previously agreed to attend an old TVB friend's tv program but unfortunately my nose allergy had already caused my eyes to be both swollen and painful but I did not want to get on the program wearing my shades so I could only decline her invitation.  I knew she had pre-arranged to have my favorite cart noodles readied for me in the program.  My absence due to sickness made me feel bad toward this old friend of mine. But as a responsible person, even if I say so, I owed you this time, but old friend, I will most certainly pay back.

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