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2011 Feb 15 Interivew: today's vip with Astrid Chan

Bump up the thread for newly transcribed excerpt on 1) how Steven broke the ice to bury the hatchet with Sonija to finally clear up the misunderstanding between them. 2) How Steven won't listen to gossips and rumors.

 first posted 2011-2-15

Astrid's Today's VIP with Steven as guest star.

Of significance:
Steven says he learns through the years in entertainment to not only ignore rumors and gossips,but also to disengage himself from them.  Astrid responds that Steven was already that way from the very start when she met him -- that Steven has no interest in rumors or gossiping. 

A: There was once a time, reportedly, that there was some misunderstanding between you and Sonija. But now you two are ok again.  And have become friends.

S: Good friends, to boot
A: Can you recount how all this came about?

S: I recall it was like about 1-2 months before the shooting of 7 Days in Life, just happened that Sonija and I along with other colleagues had to go outstation on an overseas job (Singapore Starhub Awards).  We both knew we had this upcoming collaboration. We were sitting inside the hotel restaurant drinking. I asked her bluntly: So actually what happened last time?

A: Haha! What happened? You guys didn’t even know what happened

S: Yah, We poured out what we had heard and felt at that time to each other. Yee? How come there were discrepancies? During that period, we separately heard words (noises) that made each of us feel very uncomfortable, very unpleasant. Left a thorn inside each of our hearts.  But after clarifying..; actually it’s quite a pity. If we were good friends, we should not have let these noises affect our relationship.  So after that we happily collaborated on 7 Days in Life.  Even after 7 Days in Life is done, we still keep in touch.  

A: This once again evinces that (like during that time of you and Sonija) especially in this entertainment circle, we live within a circle with too much extraneous noises, and also maybe media not understanding the situation exacerbated the misunderstanding between the two main characters .  

S: That’s true

A: But luckily you were willing to take the initiative to bring up the incident.  

S: Actually, I had been waiting for just this opportunity.  I feel that two persons, boyfriend or girlfriend or just good friends or two good brothers, or good sisters, it’s not like we have a vendetta or a huge grudge, that we can meet and become friends requires fate. Should not let some rumors or gossips to influence the relationship.   

I’ve been in the entertainment circle for almost 18 years now.  I hold on to one attitude.  I won’t listen, won’t listen at all.  Won’t listen to those so-call  news, or gossips or rumors or news from one person point of view about another person.  I’ve no interest to listen to them. Because if I listen to the info; you told me this person was this and that, but that was only your point of view. But maybe I feel differently if I talk to this particular person.  I only believe my own perception, my own eyes and what my heart feels about that person.  Anyway, when I hear this kind of talk, I immediately stop it.  Never mind, I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me.

A: Actually, you said you’ve been in the industry for 18 years that you have become thus, but many years ago, you were already that way wo.

S: True!

A: Actually there is one thing that can be learned from you, a good thing; to be your friend is good is that many years ago you already disliked gossips/rumors.  Like people spreading news, you would not consider that to be true.

S: I certainly won’t

A: But that’s not just recently. So that’s why all these year you have a very good affinity with the older generation. Your face does not look old but inside you, you are actually an old  man.

S: hahaha!  You’d said the same thing to me before long time ago.

A:  Really, I don’t remember.

S: yes, long time ago you said that to me.

Related material (weibo) on Astrid
10/28 6:30 Once there was a friend. I thought if I treated her well, perhaps, conscious of it she would reciprocate in kind! But, because of various reasons, I hurt her, and she hurt me, too! Today, we met again and talked at length of the past. Turn out, who owes who is actually not important at all. Maybe the starlight of that time was brilliant, but, it does not mean tonight’s moonlight can't regain its past brightness! Friend, it’s all in the heart! In the heart! 

TN: At first thought he was talking about Sonija Kwok, but now am pretty sure he meant Astrid Chan. After all these years, on October 28th Steven and Astrid finally saw each again doing othe stage recording of 善心滿載仁愛堂hosted by Astrid.  see photos

Interview with Anna Yau 2006
After work, during my free time, I prefer not to talk shop. I don’t like talking about myself. Like, so what film are you making now? So on and so forth. Even at old friends’ gatherings, I'm very clear on that I’ll brook no entertainment related questions. If you are my friends, don’t discuss my series, don’t ask if she’s pretty or not, or if she a good person. Etc… If you insist on asking me this kind of questions, I’ll leave immediately. I don’t relish chatting about these things after work.

A: Neither do I.

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