Monday, March 12, 2012

LOYEF: Facial Expressions Challenge

He Yan Ni and Steven Ma Take on Facial Expressions of Alarm and  Dismay Challenge causing much uproarious laugher.

March 9th:  A successive rainy days seriously hindered LOYEF's production causing many planned outdoor shooting scenes to be temporary postponed.  To speed up production, the director had many close-up shots taken as studio shots.  This kind of acting style greatly challenged both He Yan Ni's and Steven Ma's acting skills, respectively.  "The actors are like having their pictures taken acting with air.  Plus the shots are close-ups so definitely challenging our different expression skills."  He Yan Ni laughs and says that there were quite a few of alarm expressions and numb/wooden expressions.  All very fun to portray. As to whether she or Steven caused more laughter, she says: "Our laughter moments were very similar. Though we speak a little different but we often laughed at the same thing."

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