Monday, March 12, 2012

UPDATED feb 5 2014 1997 Steven-Joyce Lee's duet

Steven looking so young, so innocent and so earnest!
Steven and Joyce Lee (李樂詩)'s 倆忘煙水裡 duet in Joseph Koo's (顧家煇) &  various artists in Hong Kong 1997 return to China. For the more recent, clearer upload goto youtube Feb 5 2014

To watch the full version goto youtube  顧家煇金鑽群星賀回歸
Steven and Joyce came out early in the show, with Liza Wang and Sandra Lang before them at 21:18 as the up and coming new singers among the 'old' well-known singers.

group song finale: 同根同心

Joseph Koo and various stars' Celebration of HK's Return to China
James Wong mc; Joseph Koo's music conductor

source: youtube - Asami Imasa  sscnky

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