Monday, March 19, 2012


Notice: For those who wish to watch DGD live online at 9:30 pm goto ppsstream

PPS page looks like this

Don't know if it is because I'm in USA but my pps screen doesn't have DGD image just the letters PPS and its logo.  Will see how it goes at 9:30 pm


  1. I think we have to download the pps program. I downloaded, but don't know any Chinese word... Therefore, I don't know how to get the right channel to watch. hic. How tough it is... T_T

  2. I have dl the program.Overseas users including US and Taiwan can't watch it. Don't know about your country, Vietnam, right? Did you get the screen shown on the above link? If not then you can't access it either. Maybe only those in mainland China can.

  3. Yup, I can't. Hic. But I can watch the series (not on time) on Youtube. Somebody upload there. It's really fun though I cannot understand anything they talked. Haha. He still made me laugh. ^^
    Don't know if you have watched it?

  4. tks! I watch it much faster in azdrama.