Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steven Ma plays badminton as pastime, declines nightlife.

mingpao ol 3/13/2012
马浚伟打波消遣 谢绝夜蒲

Steven Ma Plays Badminton to Pass Time, Abstains from Nightlife
In Hengdian, besides shooting series,  is the only thing the artistes can do is go to nightclubs, karaoke clubs or other nightlife places to pass their time? And do their nightlife really get more exciting as the night wore on?  This is "Hengdian rookie" Steven Ma's first time shooting a series here. (sic actually it's Steven's 3nd time) After a 4 month long stay here, he has become a 'old horse knowing his way around town'. From his initial trepidation about  fitting in with the mainland artists, and his original plan to roam Hengdian with just his trusty badminton racket for recreation, to in the end set up a team of four to play badminton at the same time keeping fit.  Steven and they practically went to the ball court to play badminton everyday after work. Now parting soon, Steven's feeling  was: "When can I return to Hengdian to once again play badminton with this group of brothers and sisters?"  It can be seen that he truly enjoyed his 4 months stay at Hengdian.

In the past to destress himself, Steven would meet up with friends to vent his grievances on his job. After work, he liked to enjoy "a few drinks" but because he has experienced acting under the influence of liquor, and knowing it is inconsiderate to disturb other people when drunk, plus he now has a new outlet to reduce stress, which is playing badminton and hitting the gym for fitness, Steven has since reduce his drinking. In Hengdian, he abstained from liquor and went the healthy route to pass time

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