Monday, March 12, 2012

weibo 3/12/2012 christianity

3/12 1:35  Many people have asked me when did I first start believing in the Lord. Actually, my  accepting the Lord was made long time ago. All this time I feel that I'm unable and more so, unwilling and uncommitted, and also don't dare, therefore, have never in the capacity as artist being high profile in expressing. (tn: his conviction) Today I have matured. And soon a bigger decision looms before me. I only want to say that I am very ordinary, and that my prayer is solely to wish every one of my relatives around me, brothers and sisters to have peace, health, and also I wish that under Heaven lies a world without boundaries, and equality to be had by all.  I don't know how nor do I have the ability to preach. Actually,  I just want to wish you all peace, health and happiness.

TN: I sincerely hope Steven would not get publicly involve in the matters of religion or politics, for that matter.  These areas are just way too polarizing, too volatile, not to mention too alienating and too personal a subject to touch especially by a public figure without getting burn.

Steven has already mentioned his conversion to the Christian faith way back when on his weibo Oct 2010.

-- in Chinese---

很多人問我何時信主 其實我決志是多年前的事 一直 我自覺未有能力 更未覺心悅誠服 也未敢 所以 從不以藝人身份高調表示 今天 我成長了 也將有更大決定 我只想說 我平凡 但我的祝禱只願身邊 各親人 弟兄姊妹 平安 健康 也願 在天下無分國界下 都得到公平 我不會也沒能力傳教 其實 我只願你平安健康快樂

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