Saturday, March 3, 2012

Traitor Generals Placed in Super Cannon Fodder Timeslots

Ming Pao Weekly  ed 2260 
明報周刊 第2260期 mingpao weekly

「叛將」被掟「超級炮灰檔」 馬浚偉:無綫對我有信心

"Traitorous generals"  Placed in 'super cannon fodder timeslot' Steven Ma: TVB has confidence in me.

April 2012 -  The Greatness Of A Hero, Daddy Good Deed, Ching Ming Festival and Easter holidays. 

Steven: "Don't know if it is Ms. Virginia Lok or maybe someone else that really likes to schedule my series to air during festivals and long holidays.Perhaps they have a great confidence in me."

MSC: I strove to have the series aired in February but couldn't get it. March 19 is also good. I leave the company in late March and I much preferred to handle the post production and promotions."

In April, Steven will go to Shanghai to shoot a pre-modern new series. He will portray the roles  of two brothers, good and evil intertwined.

Early April is many HK workers most anticipated dream golden week*.  Since Easter comes right behind Ching Ming Festival, many people have plans to take vacations elsewhere making the television sector nothing more than just a super cannon fodder timeslot. What is intriguing is that the two series TVB has scheduled to air at that time have no lack of troop deserters among their cast and staff -- The Greatness of a Hero's female lead, Bernice Liu, plus Daddy Good Deed's Producer Miu Siu Ching, and male lead, Steven Ma, will or would have left the nest. In light of this, one can't help but speculate that this is all part of TVB's careful deployment to deliberately cast the traitorous generals onto 'ash' land...

*golden week : a week of public holidays comprises of two back to back festivals.

TN: Unsurprisingly Steven last series is aired in cannon fodder timeslot - Easter hols + Ching Ming Festival.
Both producers Miu Siu Ching and Leung Choi Yuen pointed out that unfavorable timeslot fact on their respective weibos. MSC  said it is also the HK school exam, but regardless she will do her best with the series post production as a remembrance.

I'm just happy it is not be warehoused. But can't say TVB if nothing else is very consistent with airing Steven series in all sorts of unfavorable timeslot.

@西土瓦水青 你可知道復活節長假期香港有多少覌眔去旅行 ?比春節更勁 uncle choi

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