Saturday, March 3, 2012

weibo 3/3

It is true I'm in the process to accept a pre-modern series. This era I had wanted to act in for the longest time but never had the chance to.  One person acting 2 roles, one good one bad. But in the end what is the relationship, will wait for the filming company and the scriptwriter to tell me. Anyway, I'm already attracted by the script.  As for later... will have more surprises.  Of course, I hope that everybody will support TVB's Daddy Good Deed.  A warm feel good series.  Tears in laughter... March 19 at 9:30 pm. Let's watch the premier together, thank you.
的確準備接一部民初劇,這年代想演很久但一直沒機會。一人分演兩角,一好一壞,但最終是什麼關係,留待出品公司和編劇老師告訴我吧,反正我已被劇本吸引 了!往後嗎......更多驚喜。當然,更希望大家多多支持TVB的「當旺爸爸」,一部充滿溫情的劇集,笑中帶淚......3月19日晚9:30,一起 看首播,謝謝!

3/3 13:24 I miss you too! You are a very talented young lady. You must cherish what God has given you. If not convinced will only hamper yourself. Remember, you can. Add oil.  @徐冬梅咖啡妞 新浪个人认证 Ma Gor, miss you. The time filming series with you was very happy. You imparted lots of acting stuff to me.  At that time, I was not very convinced. But after contemplation I realized it all for my own good.  I will continue to work hard. Looking forward to our next meeting.  Missing you...

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