Monday, March 5, 2012

weibo 3/5 give thanks

3/5 20:57 Suddenly felt that I, Steven Ma, my life up to now has familial loving care, have good friends' affection, have little piggies' support, where public or private life people around me full heartedly planned and strategized for me.  All of these bring forth such warm in my heart, inexpressible in words. The future, happy and contented. Thank you, everybody.     突然有感 我馬浚偉活到今天 有至親關愛 有好友疼惜 有小豬支持 在公在私 身邊人 全心全意 為我計劃 為我籌謀 一切一切 在我心中 何等溫暖 不能言喻 未來 幸福也滿足 感謝你們

As usual, Steven takes every opportunity to give thanks for what he has, which he doesn't take for granted. 

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