Monday, March 5, 2012

Assorted weibo posts

Apparently, eating HK food has been Steven's greatest pleasure since returning home in HK. He has been posting pictures of his lunch and dinners.

3/5 19:10 @山人爸爸 @蓉蓉細語 @苏祎zoe  and Joe, this team is truly strong. 4th Brother is truly blessed. 

Zoe is not in the picture. But Zoe replied that she was not invited to this dinner. Steven said he will make it up to her with a big dinner when they meet in Beijing. I guess Zoe may be part of Steven's next project. Zoe is the executive of a mainland movie:   你是哪里人

3/5 13:49  Having lunch, chatting with family!That's happiness!
Aside, this tasty sunde fried oysters are truly unbeatable! Awesome!


3/4  20:50 Dinner: Delicious! Have little piggies eaten yet?^^

3/4 13:58 Lunch: Cooked this bowl of noodle. Simple but delicious.
When one's mood is good, everything tastes good.

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