Thursday, March 1, 2012

weibo Uncle choi urges steven to return home soonest

Steven 1/3 01:57 Ha ha, I'm so blessed [爱你] @bobo吳寶玲: I'm the nanny steven 3/1 01:27 I know I know, I didn't get lost. Godfather, don't worry[偷笑] @材叔 今天01:13新浪个人认证 : @馬浚偉  Your mother is urgently calling you to come home as soon as possible.

A reader commented Uncle Choi for being both father and mother to Steven:
材叔新浪个人认证 :回复@怡怡333: No lah. Mother will appear soon.

Is Uncle Choi's use of chan leung a hint that Steven may sign a per series contract with TVB?

Steven: 知道知道,我沒迷路,養父放心
Uncle choi: 親娘急Call 早點歸家
Uncle Choi 不是呀 親娘就快現身了

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