Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why timeslot is dubbed cannon fodder

Disclaimer:  I couldn't care less  about DGD's timeslot as I am just happy it gets aired at all in HK. But many netizens are puzzled over why the media kept calling DGD and Greatness of a Hero as cannon fodders since they are aired in late March thru mid April, not during the dreaded Christmas-NY or CNY timeslots.

Admittedly the first thing I did when I learned of DGD's timeslot was to check up Easter on the calendar. And sure enough there it was right in the smack of DGD broadcast. I just knew the timeslot sounded too good, that there must be a catch somewhere for TVB's 'generosity', and there was.

*Why media called DGD timeslot as off-season clearance rating period:

Early April this year is many HK workers' most anticipated dream golden week**. Since Easter comes right behind Ching Ming Festival, many people have plans to take vacations elsewhere making the television sector nothing more than just a super cannon fodder timeslot.  -- a news report passage

Hong Kong, starting March 31 (Ching Ming Festival) thru Easter Sunday (April 8th), will be having a "golden week of public holidays" plus the very important government exams for schools start next week, too. 

Here the reason why:
Because Hong Kong, starting March 31 (Ching Ming Festival) until Easter Sunday (April 8th), will be having a "a golden week of public holidays". Plus like Evergreen said the ratings will also be affected by the government exams for schools next week. So though outwardly this timeslot looks fine, it is really not all that good. But,that's TVB for you. Will see what the ratings will be for that upcoming golden week.

Usually the yearly Easter holidays is just a 3 day weekend with Good Friday off but this year Easter comes right after Ching Ming festival thus lengthening the public holidays, which of course will affect the ratings, the question is, by how much.

*golden week : a week of public holidays comprises of two back to back festivals.

In fact, according to Leung Choi Yuen, this timeslot with its golden week holidays will adversely affect the TV ratings even more than the CNY festival because it is a whole week of public holidays unlike CNY, which is bad enough with its 4 day-holidays.

So that's why the media is alleging that both DGD and the Greatness of a Hero are 'cannon fodders' from TVB's warehouse quick clearance of stock. 

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