Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DGD == generalization on father-in-law

When I heard Steven's reason for their breakup, link to Steven's talk with Eileen Cha  I had this sneaky suspicion that Vivian's parents must have played a part in it. It wasn't all that long ago when Steven blissfully announced his marriage plans to the media, so between then and the breakup something happened to drastically change his mind. I bet Vivian's parents must have said some words that had wounded Steven's heart badly and then of course there is his chow chiu male chauvinistic pride.

In yesterday Eileen Cha's interview with Steven, Miu Siu Ching and Ha Yu (see 2nd part link below), Ha Yu talked about his character's disapproval of having Fatt Zai as a suitor to his beloved 2nd daughter and God forbids, as his son-in-law because Fatt Zai is not rich. Ha Yu like Fatt zai but only as a friend, in fact, he thinks Fatt zai is a delightful person just not good enough for his precious daughter, that's all.

All four of them present agree that's understandable as it is the natural sentiment of most parents to want the best for their children. Steven interjected: "So, Siu Yen jie, now you see why I have to work even harder." And Eileen said: "It's like your case, for the real Ma Zai."

Ha Yu : (indicating Fatt Dat Zai) Come, help me. Quickly. Ha, Fatt Dat zai is really capable in many things.

Steven: But not good enough as son-in-law

Ha yu: As son-in-law, forget it.

Eileen: In any case,  not good enough

Ha Yu: Yes, yes, I guess that goes for all fathers in the world

Steven: So that's why, Siu Yan jie, I always say I've to work hard to earn money

Eileen: Right

Steven: Fathers-in-law are that way, because I already ...(interrupted)

Eileen: Steven is stating the real Ma Chun Wai's situation, not that of the series.

Steven: Because I'm a doctor or a lawyer or others so I have to work really hard to earn money, what to else can I do.

Eileen: So that's why getting back together

Steven:  No, no, wah wah (laugh)

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