Saturday, May 26, 2012

weibo fan visit 5/26

Steven Ma fan visit May 26 2012 at Hengdian. Despite Steven's repeated admonitions to his little piggies not to bring him presents, the fans descended on him laden with presents for him.  As for that pair of bitter gourds, the fans had meant to bring along a water melon (re: Lai Fu's water melon hair style) but its size and weight posed some inconveniences hence the much downsized slim and slender bitter gourd (both gua - sai gua vs ku gua) and moreover, fans know that Steven himself loves to eat bitter gourd from their first dinner with him from previous visit.  lol! Guess the rain did not hamper little piggies' enthusiasm at seeing Steven.

Seeing him wearing a similar jacket, someone asks Steven if he buys similar clothes by the dozen. Steven says not by the dozen but 4 or 5 of the same clothing in different colors.  haha! 

Steven's next stops are: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing.


The mighty fans came marching on come rain or shine!

sources:steven ma weibo, steven ma baidu weibo

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