Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pix - 2012 Shanghai Television Festival

Many stars have remarked how they love being artists but loathe the celebrity that comes with it because of loss of privacy and being a good role model to the public with their  conduct. Add to that, 'responsible' for other people's happiness.  Reading and observing how very happy fans are at seeing Steven in person and  being in his presence bring home that 'burden' to me.  Luckily Steven enjoys bringing happiness to other people, and truly likes people in general.

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steven ma.org
As can been seen in the pictures, Steven and his Yuan Yang Pei colleagues did numerous interview rounds in various tv stations and websites.com to promote Yuan Yang Pei. Sticking with him were his loyal fan groupies.


  1. i like Steven's image and hope that he can keep it up :)

  2. Steven is really handsome...

  3. I have met Steven in person and honestly Steven is better looking in real life than on screen. When I met him, he had this energy and vitality emanating from his body making him extra magnetic. And of course his flawless and youthful skin is to die for. But most of all, his warm smile just enveloped you. Of course, this is just a SM fan talking, a smitten one at that.