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In the midst of their interview, YYP cast is distracted by a noise on the transparent glass wall. Off camera shot, Lai Fu's mom is knocking on the wall to catch Steven's notice. Steven waves at her to acknowledge her presence, and explains to the hostess that she is his biological screen mom. So as a courtesy, the hostess invites her to come inside the room. And Steven leaves to get her.  And..action speaks louder than words... watch the video yourself. The woman in green is Tang Ting Xuan's onscreen step-mother, the young lady loves Huang Shao Qi but ends up marrying Tang Ting Xuan because she got pregnant from their drunken one night stand. Neither men loves her, both loves Yong En but she loves Lai Fu.

Back to the gate/door crasher, Lai Fu's mom, apparently according to her, a sm fan left a message on her weibo asking her to stop using Steven to promote herself.  Prior to that while browsing her weibo I myself thought she as a professional actress was being too high profile in her weibo gushing over Steven, came across more like a giddy smitten fan than a professional actress. I guess Steven's weibo praising her has got into her head.

In this video, it maybe that she was so excited that she gate crashed the interview or it maybe a self promotional tactic. Either way it was a very awkward moment for all concerned, especially Steven, who seemed quite embarrassed by her effusive gesture and words.

There is one thing that can be said about Steven is that he is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone that he can help. Like he knew TVB treated him not as a leading man to be promoted but rather used as a male lead to escort/groom their future and still very green fadan but without any rancor he became good friends with at least 3 of them, and indeed nurtured them to become future fadan.

Also in the past when readers of his weibo complained about the rampant advertisements posted on his weibo, he replied if his weibo could help their business then their posting was ok by him.  Incidentally, those ads disappeared soon after, maybe their uploaders were touched by Steven's magnanimity?

Which is why Steven is easily taken advantage of by less scrupulous people because of his innate kindness and tolerance.  Of course, perceptive as he is he knows it but he is who he is -- kind and very tolerant of other people, and mild-temper. 

I really like Kwok Qing Qing (邬倩倩) , Ting Xuan's adopted mother, so beautiful , so elegant and class. So opposite to the actress who portrayed Ting Xuan's biological mother, who is just a bit actress.

--- YYP spoiler----

There will be an upcoming bed scene when drunk, Ting Xuan and Yi Lan have a one night stand, and later Yi Lan found herself pregnant. So killing 2 birds with a stone Ting Xuan married her for the baby and for her family's wealth and power. And Yi Lan married him to get over Qi Jun

Actress Tang Ling (Song Yi Lan) says at first she was apprehensive about the intimate bed scene because Steven took her through. Actually Steven was very cautious about filming bed scene too. Tang Ling says there were so many instances of Steven being embarrassed by the bed scene because his face actually turned red.  -- So funny

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