Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last fan group visit in Hengdian 6/16/2012

Waoh, such speed! Just yesterday Steven weibo about scheduling fan visit with his assistant and the fan group visit happened instantly, almost.  Many fans were unhappy about their being left out from this secretively/privately arranged fan group visit.  I can understand both views, on one side the visit was obviously hastily arranged because Steven is wrapping up his work in Hengdian, his Tang Ting Xuan scenes are done not sure about his Lai Fu's, so time is of essence getting the group visit ready. And even then the group was of a good size.

On the other hand, irate left out fans after having missed the other earlier group visits are naturally bummed out to have missed the very last one in Hengdian as the next series will be filmed in Shenzhen, far away from Hengdian.

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