Friday, June 15, 2012

please schedule your visit

Little piggies, remember before coming to visit must first contact xiao jiao @刘凤娇VS小乔 because she knows my work schedule and also knows if the situation is suitable for group visit. Your feelings I understand but you girls traveling alone, and from so far away have me worry. So remember be good (guai) .  Even more so, be careful and be alert.  [爱你] [猪头]V

@刘凤娇VS小乔   Little[猪头] for future visit contact me first because coming to visit your safety is of paramount importance, and that you all are happy, and make you find us, and not get lost.  [爱你][爱你][爱你][猪头][猪头][猪头]

As usual Steven is very caring with his words. He understands the power of words. 

He is showing concern for his fans' safety and making sure their trip is a happy and fruitful one, at the same time making sure their visits do not inconvenienced him or interrupt the shooting progress. Bravo! Good communication.

Tomorrow,  浚家甄甄, who has already visited Steven 5th times in Hengdian, will lead another group visit  to visit Steven. Steven has only 5 more scenes to do.

小豬們,記得以後來探班,一定要先聯繫小喬@刘凤娇VS小乔 因她會清楚我的通告和了解現場情況適不適合探班 你們的心意我懂 但幾個女孩自己過來 路途又遠 這會叫我擔心的 記得要乖 更要小心安全啊[爱你] [猪头]V

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