Thursday, June 28, 2012

Updated: People related to Steven: their weibo and facebook

Info updated 2015-5-13
Job contact: (Ms. Lau) 劉小姐 852 53660882
Joe 852 6213 7427  小虎 13717789568

Joe Chan FB (Joe);
weibo 虎虎不乖了( 小虎 name: 鄢虎)
Looks like Steven's mainland manager has changed from his Tao Yuan studio to Jetsen company? (the same company that produced 鸳鸯佩)


Tao Yuan 中港桃园马浚伟工作室
郭倩影 weibo - Tao Yuan mainland manager
(edited: No longer Steven's mainland manager as she has quit Tao Yuan to  join another mainland company)

Tao Yuan Media company 桃园黄洪

Haha! Going thru the list of people Steven followed in his weibo, I believe the below people are related to him -- sisters and niece?  Check out the weibo entries where Steven had lunch/dinner with family. 2012

Weibo accounts:
21 year-old niece? Iris Lo
SandyLauYY GM of his printing company 出色堂

eta facebook accounts
istudy learning center fb

Steven's 4 sisters (fb) from oldest to youngest
carmen ma 马淑仪
maggie ma yin yi
sindy ma
Fiona Ma

 Steven Ma surrounded by fans.

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