Saturday, June 23, 2012

yyp's celebratory dinner

credit as labeled - mostly from Huang Shao Qi weibo

Guess Steven stayed back in Hengdian despite wrapping up his scenes last week just so he could join in YYP's wrapping up celebratory dinner. Judging from the pictures guess they all got a bit high last night. And surprisingly Huang Shao Qi who looked so 'si man' appeared to be the most 'high'.

Me think the bottom left photo with the Emily (the producer) lying across the men's laps is a bit too much for online exposure.  Btw, that's not a flattering shot of Steven. The usual reserved HSQ (per Shanghai TV Festival interviews) seemed rather high last night, must be the effect of liquor.  He seemed to be the most 'high' in the uploaded group pictures.  WQQ was right when she said once HSQ gets comfortable with you, his playful side would emerge. As of now, Steven has not uploaded any pictures or transferred any pictures of last night celebration onto his weibo.

I rather like that picture with HSQ sitting on Steven's lap.  Such spontaneity and comfortability. I hope Steven is mindful of his public image at all times especially around liquor consumption. A reputation takes years to build but only a moment to tarnish if not destroyed.

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