Thursday, June 7, 2012

weibo -- best wishing to students taking exams

6/6 00:03 Road, it has never been easy to travel. Don't only see other people's accomplishment and neglect your own efforts. I have always believe that giving (tn:making the effort) may not always produce harvest but at least you have nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe right now you are still burning the midnight oil or you may have long fallen asleep, anyway, please remember a person's accomplishment is not solely measured by his/her education background. The yardstick is whether you had put in your best efforts or whether you had cherished your own self or that you had lived. Outcomes do not represent everything. Likewise, future prospect is not only found within the grade transcripts.  Those of you who are sitting for your high school government examination tomorrow, doing your best is good enough. Best wishes to you all.  

Like in the past around this time, Steven sends his encouragement and best wishes to the mainland students taking their college entrance exams.

Last year he wrote a weibo entry comforting HK students that exam results is only part of their life journey not the whole.  weibo: HK A-level results day

路 從來不好走 別看別人成功而少看自己付出 從來相信 付出 不一定有收獲 但肯定 至少能無愧 也許 你仍在埋頭苦幹 也許 你早已入夢鄉 但 請記住 一個人的成就 不是用學歷來衡量 衡量者 是你可曾付出 可曾珍惜自己是否曾經活過 結果不代表一切 前途 也不只是在成績單上 明天高考的你們 盡力已夠 祝福你們

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