Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weibo 6/30 HK A-level exam results day

Steven sets sight on a high road littered with opportunities?
6/30 15:59Today is Hong Kong's college entrance examination (A-level) results day. I have this to say to all students pursuing higher education: If did well with good results, naturally worth celebrating! However, if the results are below expectation, please do not give up!  Exam results are only a small part of life; did your best, no regrets.  The road ahead is very long with lots of opportunities awaiting you all! Plan carefully with friends and family on what kind of future road to take! Remember, the road and the light lie just ahead, don't be disheartened, add oil!

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TN: I still remember the antsy days before my A-level exam results came out.  So nervous and full of anticipation.  And the actual day of the results was very climatic for me and family. 

Good luck to all students who are awaiting their life changing examination results.

今天是香港高考放榜的日子。我想向所有求学中的同学们说:考得好成绩,固然值得庆贺!但若成绩不如所想,千万别放弃!考试成绩只是人生中的一小部分,尽了 力,那已无悔。未来的路还有很长,很多机会在等著你们呢!好好与亲朋好友计划一下将来的路该怎么走吧!记住,路与光明就在前方,别气馁,加油!

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