Friday, June 29, 2012

weibo: June 22 2012

Steven ma 6/22 17:41 Maybe the worldly affairs seem to have become increasingly chaotic, but good people, good deeds that moved the hearts are still aplenty in the world. When contending against falsehoods and malevolence don’t forget at the same time to appreciate the beauty of the right path and decency.

 //@ 豆丁阿布Day5: Good people, they never live a peaceful life, but bad people are often better off than the good…heaven is so unfair.  (Tn: She is not a piggy fan. So shocked and touched she was by Steven's unexpected reply that she instantly burst into tears.  Guess her faith in mankind has been temporarily restored. A random kind word can do so much good. 

Steven Ma 6/22 19:08  Don’t ever think that! Walk the right path, live the right way; don't doubt that. Once the heart starts to compare itself with the “bad and evil” notion, it can be easily steered onto the crooked road. Don’t confuse yourself, understand?

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