Friday, June 29, 2012

weibo June 29 2012

6/29/2012 23:55  A friend texted me, asking me why didn't I verify the veracity of the situation before reposting. I have this to say: I don't have the capability to verify the truth, but neither do I have the capability to refute it.  It is only a repost.  This being the case, why not take it at face value. At least if it is true and I did it I would not feel guilty. The truths and falsehoods on internet, who can guarantee their veracity. Of course, I'm no fool, only that if it turns out to be true, my previous skepticism would make me feel bad. That's all!

朋友發我短信 問我為什麼不肯定事情真偽就轉發 我想說 我沒能力肯定一切是真相 但又有何能耐否定一切 只是一個轉發 既然這樣 那就先相信 至少萬一是真的 那我也做了 也不會內疚 網絡上真真假假 誰能保證 當然 我也不是傻瓜 但怕只怕 若那一切是真的 曾經的懷疑會讓我很難受 就這樣

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