Monday, June 18, 2012


6/18/2012 23:35 (People) If understand me will grasp why I would go all out to treat everybody well because I have already lost too much so I will cherish everything. Wishing those who understand me will also cherish everything and be grateful for everything.

只要懂我 就會了解為什麼我會盡力去對每個人都好 那是因為 我失去的也太多了 所以 我珍惜一切 願 懂我的 都珍惜 都感恩

What's there not to like about a man who practices what he preaches by indiscriminately treating everybody right. Even to a lowly sweeper Hengdian ignored by most. The world needs more people like him to make it a better and nicer place for all. 

Say, do you have this impulse wanting to place your palm against Steven's?
With his fingers spread out against a glass pane as if inviting us, his readers, to hereby make a pact with him from now onwards to treat people nicely, to cherish people around us and to be grateful to everything we have or have had. 

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