Monday, June 18, 2012

news: Steven Ma Plans to Open a Film Production Studio

So people, what are your thoughts on Steven starting his own film production studio late this year?


Steven Ma is currently at Hengdian filming the series, Yuan Yang Pei.  The shot for today is a fencing scene. Because of the heat, Steven is sweating profusely. He says he has lost quite a bit of weight. He reveals that the series will wrap up in late June so like a horse he will have a break in summer. However it won't be a complete break because he has other stuff to attend to.

In August he will go to Shanghai to discuss with a music company about releasing a music album. In mid July he will go to Beijing and Wuhan for meetings to prepare the establishing of his own film production studio 『小馬工作室』in year end. In September he will film a new series in Shenzhen with a script he co-writes with others. 

"There is this big investor who will support me in establishing 『小馬工作室』(xiao ma studio)  scheduled to open in year end to produce movies and series.  I will learn to be a tv producer, screenwriter, and hopefully will realize my dream of being a director in February."

As to the rumors on the high prices of Hong Kong artists filming in mainland, Steven says the fee paid to him is reasonable and that it is still far from the 200k rmb per episode.  Steven's development in mainland is ideal so did he receive 200k rmb per episode?

He laughs and says: "Not this price. But the fee is reasonable.  As to whether or not will return to Hong Kong to film series? Zhan jeh did look me up to sign a per series contract, and when I return to Hong Kong will discuss with Zhan and . No matter what I grew up in TVB so there is sentiment attached. Even though I've terminated my contract our relationship is still ok. "

Steven reveals that once he got back to Hong Kong he will meet with high executive, Catherine Tsang, et al, to discuss a per series contract because of the numerous invitations to sign with TVB. And that there is still sentiment and the fee will be adjusted appropriately.  But he reveals there are also many Hong Kong tv stations beckoning him at the same time.

mingpao 馬浚偉開公司製作電影劇集
singtao news 馬仔開公司圓導演夢 
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Steven, be extra careful in big money investment. Don't be too trusting of other people's intention.  Hope you learned from your past experience in opening Winston Entertainment Company and how it turned out.

Though I’m excited and happy for Steven (because it is what he wants) there is also much trepidation for him, after all, it is a huge commitment of effort and time, and of course, monetary investment. And then there is his mr. nice guy personality, how would he fare in a field that is filled with duplicity and ruthlessness, and especially in mainland? Just hope he does not have to invest too much of his own money into the production studio.

Selfishly, I would rather he continue to act in good series than be preoccupied with behind the scenes stuff. And like many sm fans have said I too think  it is more prudent and better strategy for Steven to concentrate on his acting for the next few years to raise his popularity in mainland through hit series than to spread himself thin over the behind the scenes stuff that may be gratifying to him but would not in the long run help his career.  But whatever rocks his boat.

Anyway, all the best to Steven. And very excited for him. Smooth sailing and may his dream be realized soon


  1. What happened with his Winston Entertainment Company in the past ?

  2. Years ago, his company, while undertaking the preparation of the concert, 輝黃演唱會, faced a liquidity crisis. It was cash strapped for an estimated HK$3 million. “Where can I come up with that much money in such a short time? I lay on bed, pondering. And finally came up with an “uncle” in Taiwan. When approached, he agreed unhesitatingly. I’m forever indebted to him. And the loan plus interest have since been paid off.” news-"what time is it over there?"

    Guess he and Frankie Fan (his ex-manager) sold off the whole company but kept his publishing company that was part of it.

  3. its always better with "hindsight"....

    I feel, with such an experience under his belt, he would be much wiser in his endeavours...

    He is more than just an actor, he has other well as the passion...

    Not everyone can take such a road, not everyone succeeds.........

    ........not everyone has the opportunity either........ when the planets align.....

    and a whole new world of possibilities presents itself....

  4. Not sure about his being wiser with previous failed endeavors, sometimes he comes across as being too idealistic and that's a disadvantage in a circle that is filled with sharks and piranhas.

    Yes, he has talents and passion for other stuff, but first and foremost he is an actor, an actor who has yet to penetrate the Chinese entertainment market as a reputable or popular actor much less an established powerhouse actor who can pull in mainland tv ratings. But as it is now,never mind hoping to sell his small budget series to competitive tv stations in a cut throat market against other powerhouse producers and distributors but pretty soon he will be forgotten by tv viewers.

    Yes, it has been his dream to experience the 'excitement' of producing his own series, but don't do it at the expense of his acting career. As of now he doesn't have much of a reputation as a famous actor in the mainland entertainment circle. Steven Ma, who? Oh, that tvb actor who is not even a tv king? At least give himself a year or two to build up his reputation and commercial value in the mainland market first. He has a relatively big fan following already why not hit the hot iron and build up his fan base into a force to reckon with? When you become a hot commodity, other opportunities will come naturally. And at that time it is not too late to realize his other dreams as more people will likely want to invest in his fame too.

    But more importantly, I don't trust the group of people he is keeping company with to set up his studio.

    Of course, this is just an outsider’s opinion, it is his life after all. And truly my sincere hope he will find happiness and success in all his future endeavors.

  5. Bondy Chiu is filming for CTI as the female lead. I hope Steven would also film for CTI and pair with her. Maybe that's just my wishful thinking, but they do look compatible, especially in a series about mature love.

  6. From the above news,Steven will most probably sign a per series contract with TVB. He just can't get pass his sense of overwriting indebtedness to Zhan jeh. And currently can see from their interactions that Mr. and Mrs. Lau as in Lau Ko Ho and Miu Siu Ching are really like seriously 'wooing' him to join them. Never before had they like now being so 'friendly' with him.

    I've only watched Bondy in OTTOO and I really like her performance there and I too would love to see Steven and her paired up as a couple in another series.