Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 HK Book Fair

7/22/2012 Steven at Tsui Yong Yong's booth and at Ming Pao booth at Hong Kong Book Fair to show support for them.

Postings of random weiboans: All said Steven was shuai. Good to know, right?
Don't understand why he likes to carry his bag across his body, look so unsuitable for a man his age.

credit as labeled.

Steven bought many copies from Tsui Yong Yong, some for charity auction in the Worldvision organization and some for his friends.  Very considerate of him.

@麥長青Evergreen Mak: Tsui Jie, long road testifies "horse/Ma's " strength! Heartfelt words all in the heart.  This '3rd Brother" (WTLB) is worthy to be loved! Tsui y/y 7/22 22:28 When I first met Steven because of his utmost respect for me and my reciprocate fondness for him, causing other people to be jealous and, even more so, be malevolent. The gossips on us were rampant.  Luckily there was him, this work partner of ours, he said to me: Tsui Jeh, seeing your mentor-student cum friends relationship with Ma Zi makes me so envious."  Understand that the relationship between two opposite sex should first and foremost be upright, conduct and thoughts both must have checkpoints. I am gratified by my long lasting friendship with Ma Zai. //tsetsehk:  (Photo) has the feel of teacher with good student. [鼓掌]

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